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The Difference Between GLPs and Sermorelin

Updated: Jun 9

The weight loss industry has exploded over the last several years.  More people are attempting to get in shape and lose excess pounds.  With all medications that can help you attain these goals, how do you find the one that is right for you?


GLPs- Semaglutide/Tirzepatide

These medications are indicated for type 2 diabetes.  Both medications, Semaglutide and Tirzepatide, are now FDA-approved for weight loss. They help increase insulin sensitivity and appetite regulation, making you feel fuller for longer.  GLPs are a once-a-week subcutaneous injection.



Sermorelin is a peptide consisting of a 29-amino acid chain.  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and protein is required to build muscle. This peptide helps with fat loss, enhanced recovery, improved sleep, increased lean muscle mass, and an overall feeling of well-being. Sermorelin helps to stimulate the release of your growth hormone, which naturally declines exponentially over time, starting at age 30.  This injection is given nightly for five out of seven days.


Which Med is Right for You

If you have a BMI >30, GLPs may be an excellent option.  Tirzepatide and Semaglutide will help regulate appetite and start weight loss.  It will assist in enabling appropriate portion control and allow one to begin encompassing a healthier diet. 


Sermorelin is a great option when you are over 30 and already have a healthy diet and exercise regimen.  Consistency is vital with this medication.  For maximum effect, medication must be used consistently for 3-6 months for maximum results.


Suppose desired weight loss is achieved while using GLPs and wanting to improve muscle mass after adopting an exercise regimen and healthier lifestyle.  In that case, Sermorelin is an excellent addition to the GLP regimen or on its own after meeting the weight loss goal.


Additions to Make Weight Loss Successful

·         Drink at least half your weight in ounces of water daily.  For example, a 150-pound individual should drink at least 75 ounces of water daily.

·         Increase foods rich in fiber and protein in your diet.

·         Stick to a healthy diet incorporating fruit, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy.  Sticking to recommended portions will allow you to eat the foods you love without packing extra pounds.  An excellent resource for portion sizing and healthy recipes can be found at .

·         Eating more frequently will help stave off hunger and prevent episodes of binging.

·         Another great resource is .  This resource is rich in information on nutrition, promoting health over the lifespan, and preventing disease.




Q: Where do we get our meds? 

A:  We get all of our medications from an FDA approved compound pharmacy.


Q: Will I have to stay on the medications long-term?

A:  Every case is different and assessed on an individual basis.  All results are best combined with a healthier diet and exercise. 


Q: What are the contraindications to taking GLPs?

A:  Contraindications include diabetes type 1, personal or family history of thyroid cancer (Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma/Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndrome type 2), hypersensitivity to drug, pregnancy- caution with renal impairment, GI disease, gastroparesis, pancreatitis and diabetic retinopathy.


Q: What are the contraindications to taking Sermorelin?

A:  Contraindications include pregnancy, planning to become pregnant, and breastfeeding.  Age <30 y.o., pituitary tumor, history of or current cancer diagnosis.



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