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Laser Hair Reduction with Splendor X

Congratulations on an exciting journey! We are very happy to know you are receiving the very best in Laser Hair Reduction treatment programs with Rejuvenation Med Spa and Laser! 

We have included a list of what to expect and a short description how to navigate your journey with our treatment program. If you have any questions or concerns that arise please feel free to speak with any member of our staff, they will be more than happy to assist you!

How does Laser Hair Reduction work?

Laser Hair Reduction works by permanently damaging the hair follicle in the treatment area, rendering it unable to function correctly and ultimately to produce hair. Using our 6 treatment guidelines we can treat around 85 to 95% of the hair follicles in the treatment area. For laser hair removal to be effective with any laser you need to catch as many hairs as possible in the growth phase. But every one of our five million or so hairs operate independently of one another, making it a challenge to catch them in the growth phase.

Will Laser Hair Reduction last a lifetime?  

Yes and No: 

Yes! Every hair follicle treated will be permanently injured and not produced for a lifetime.          

No, As we Age and Hormones change, the body naturally produces hair follicles. These may take years to develop or months, everyone is unique and different. 

Typically what we see most in our experience is 85 to 95% of the follicles permanently unable to produce, (it's not possible to injure every follicle in the treatment area no matter what treatment program or machine is used). We then see our clients back for a 5th or 6th treatment at some point in the future to reduce stray hair follicles not initially treated or that are new to the body. 

As we age and additional treatments may be indicated, we have a maintenance plan that can be purchased for annual, bi-annual or quarterly treatments if desired.

Will your Laser work on lighter hair?

Yes! Splendor X is effective for all skin types as well. The golden rule is the skin color is lighter than the color of the hair in the treatment area. Blonde hair can have less efficacy for a complete treatment, however it can still be very effective.

How important is it to keep my scheduled appointments?

It is very important to keep your scheduled appointments. The typical hair follicle develops hairs at different times. Typically it takes a follicle between 4 to 8 weeks (depending on the body area) to grow new hair. If treatment dates are missed, growth cycles can be missed and treatments may not be as effective. In our experience we have seen clients who have missed scheduled appointments and have had outcomes that may not be as positive as they could have been. 

Will my treatment be painful? 

Most people equate the feeling of their treatment to small rubber band snaps The Splendor X’s dual cooling mechanisms ensure your skin does not get too hot, so you stay comfortable during the treatment. Some areas are more sensitive than others, but these brief treatments are still more comfortable than shaving or waxing every couple of weeks, forever.

What should I expect post treatment? 

After your treatment session you may experience redness and mild swelling for up to 3 to 5 days after your treatment. Minor scabbing can develop on the treatment area which will heal naturally. Your overall skin texture may feel dry and like sandpaper, but these are normal side effects that will subside after 4 to 7 days of treatment. In rare cases, you may experience bruising or blistering, which can be temporary, if this occurs contact our office for further evaluation. Skin discoloration is the most rare complication and it can last for months or become permanent.   


Things to Avoid

  • Sun exposure 

  • All retinoids for 2 weeks after your treatment. 

  • Avoid picking or scratching the treatment area. 

  • Avoid sunless tanning products for 7 days

  • Do not wax, pluck or remove hair by force, shaving is allowed

  • Avoid Makeup, Deodorant or any other topicals for 24 hours. 

  • Avoid heat to the area, Saunas, hot tubs, heat packs, etc. 

To help the healing process

  • Keep the air moist with Aquaphor Healing Ointment until the inflammation resolves and the area is healed

  • Use a broad spectrum sunblock SPF 30 or above for at least four weeks

  • If a blister appears contact us, in most cases you can apply antibiotic ointment to the area until healed. 

  • Keep the are clean and dry during the healing process   

How to prepare for your visit

  • Stay out of the sun, exposure to UV rays tends to darken the skin. Settings for our laser are used by evaluating skin color and hair color. To target the unwanted hair correctly and no sun exposure is required for 2 to 3 weeks prior to your appointment. 

  • No skin bronzers, do not use any sunless skin bronzers. 

  • Shaving at least 24 hours prior to your appointment is recommended to reduce any potentially sensitive sessions. 

  • Do not Pluck or wax for at least one month prior to your appointment. The Hair shaft (below the skin) needs to be intact for the laser to gain access to the hair follicle.  

Yours in Service, 

Rejuvenation Med Spa and Laser  

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